Pinterest Spam

It’s amazing. As soon as Pinterest hit the mainstream and became the new “it” thing online, shoddy software developers put out tools to spam pinterest.

Pinterest is still a small smart up (less than 10 employees) and now they have to deal with spammers who were creating hundreds/thousands of fake Pinterest accounts to spam affiliate links.

Spammers claimed to make $1,000 per day (I doubt that claim) and sure enough someone is selling spamming bots for Pinterest.

Pinterest Bot SpamI was surprised to see one for sale as a WSO on the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum does try to shut down tools designed to violate other sites terms and that are for spamming, so they did lock up that thread. Although they left the buy button intact… not sure if they forgot to remove it or what.

There is karma justice in that the spam software developer charges $249 for his bot and from the reviews, it doesn’t really seem to work that well, nor are the spammer wannabees making money (probably since Pinterest is working to get rid of them).

Good luck getting a refund from someone selling software to spam. All the time wasted trying to spam, they could have been doing it the right way vs wasting their time, money, and annoying Pinterest users and Pinterest the site.

It got me thinking. The average fool that buys a spamming software doesn’t really know what they’re doing, they’re lazy, looking for shortcuts. But these guys who develop these tools, they’re not lazy (they created the software/bot) and they have skills to create software. I just don’t understand why they would waste their time and skills on creating software to spam/scam people.

I guess it’s the sociopath mind, they really don’t care about the violation of Pinterest’s policy or for the annoyance their bot unleashes on others on the site. They just see it as “marketing” and they’re not doing anything wrong.

It’s fascinating to see their rationalization, though most don’t give a damn and don’t even need to rationalize.

Piniterest has been working to boot spammers off. This happens with every site that becomes popular, from MySpace (remember them) to Facebook, to Twitter, and on and on.

It’s rough being popular online!

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