The Easy and Cheap Way to Enter a New Niche

I’m going to show you how you can enter a hot-selling niche in 4 steps for just $8 by using quality PLR.

You won’t need anything else but some elbow grease. If you’re a big spender another $5 spent over at Fiverr will make you stand out from the crowd… more on that in a bit.

The details… Tiffany Dow is running a WSO for a PLR package that consists of 8 reviews for the most popular ClickBank product in the dating niche.

The product is “The Tao of BadAss” yes, cheesy, but it’s geared for young single men and it’s a very popular and profitable niche.

Anyway. It’s the #1 product on ClickBank. Correction… I just checked and it’s number 2, but you get the point, it’s selling well.

Hot Seller - Check it Out

They’re paying affiliates 75% commission, so you get $57 per sale. That’s an awesome commission!

Even if you’re not in this niche for the price of Tiffany Dow’s amazing PLR package (just $8) you can enter this niche within hours of ordering. It’s a great way to show you how you can enter any niche, very fast with PLR.


4 Steps to Setup an Affiliate Page for Tao of BadAss for just $8

Step 1:  Order Tiffany’s Tao of BadAss PLR package


Step 2:  Setup a Squidoo lens as your affiliate landing page (use the product name for your lens, like: Tao of BadAss Review). If it’s taken you might have to get more creative, but you catch my drift.


Step 3: Elbow grease time, spend some time rewriting the PLR. Tiffany writes well, so it’s a lot easier to make quality PLR your own.

Tip: Don’t know how to rewrite PLR easily? Get my buddy, Peggy Baron’s course on How to Rewrite PLR. It rocks.


Step 4: Get a video on YouTube and on  your Squidoo lens (you just copy and paste the embed code from YouTube right onto your lens).  Keep the video under five minutes. Two-three minutes in length hits the sweet spot.

Tip: Are you wondering how to put an affiliate marketing video together? Easy. Repurpose Tiff’s PLR into a video. You can use PowerPoint as you read the PLR reviews.

Extra Tip: I would go to Fiverr and for $5, I would order a gig from a cute girl to read one of the PLR articles. Remember, your target is young men, so this would work very well (if your target audience is females, you can find good looking guys on there too, so don’t get too offended). She sends you a video, you upload it to YouTube and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

That’s it. In four easy steps you can have your affiliate page up and running thanks to PLR. If you don’t do anything else to drive traffic, you’ll have to be patient and let the search engines do it’s thing, so make sure you hit all the right keywords when setting up your Squidoo lens and video.

Don’t Like That Niche?

Remember when looking at profitable niches, you’re not the target audience! But even if this niche or the Tao of BadAss isn’t your cup of tea, hopefully you can see how you can easily enter any niche with PLR and Squidoo by using the 4 step above on any niche that has quality PLR covering it.

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